Voices from the Pews

Get Creative

Fun creative activities for families to try at home, inspired by St Nicholas Church and Castle Hedingham history. Suitable for age 2 to adult.

Create an Edward Bingham pot

Edward Bingham was a famous Victorian potter who lived in Castle Hedingham. Watch the video to discover his fascinating story. Then make a colourful modelling clay pot inspired by his designs.

Bingham and his apprentices.jpg
stained glass craft with coloured acetat

Make a stained-glass window

St Nicholas Church has some impressive stained-glass windows. Have fun making your own design from a choice of media, including coloured acetate, tissue paper and boiled sweets!  


Puppet making and animation

Henry with characters 1.jpg

Have fun creating puppet characters from the history of St Nicholas Church and Castle Hedingham. Then storyboard, act out or animate scenes to bring them to life!